Three things you must know about photography

Before we get into the details of the individual aspects of a good photograph as discussed in the last post the following are the three most important aspects that every photographer must know. Film Sensitivity Shutter Speed Aperture While a modern DSLR camera seems to present a mind boggling number of settings, these three are the most important and in… Read more →

What makes a photograph good?

First of all, I apologize for the lack of updates to this blog in the last few months. To avoid comment spam, I turned of comments altogether and then started to wonder if anyone actually reads my blog. Lately quite a few of you have pinged me directly making me realize that this blog does have followers. My bad. I… Read more →

Choosing a DSLR Lens

As you probably know, one of the primary advantages of getting a DSLR camera is the capability to choose and change lenses at will. While choice is great, an overwhelming dose of it can leave you confused. I wish this post was as easy to write and recommend as the the previous one about selecting a camera. Choosing a DSLR… Read more →

Choosing a DSLR camera

As frequently asked questions go, this is the most frequent when it comes to DSLR photography: Which DSLR camera should I buy? It seems like an innocuous question but the implication is that a better camera will get you better pictures. After all that seems like common sense, right? Common sense also says that you get what you pay for,… Read more →

Cameras don’t take pictures

A few years ago a friend of mine bought a Canon DSLR. He noticed that I had the same model and remarked that he had never really used any other mode other than the auto mode. There was another friend who remarked that his DSLR in auto mode was so good that he could not really envision taking better pictures… Read more →