Why Cocktails?

One of my friends joked that Scotch must be the national drink of Indians. I am a long time fan of Scotch starting from blended and then graduating to single malts. My favorite is Glenlivet with just ice and water. It does not, however, seem appropriate to have scotch when I am out on a casual dinner. So I started tasting various kinds of wine and developed a taste for full bodied red wines. Somehow cocktails was not on my radar until recently mostly because none of my friends were trying it. And frankly they seemed intimidating. If you have no prior experience, do you know what a Rusty Nail is or how it will taste? (I do now and my only advice is to stay away from it) So I did what every nerd does when confronted with an unfamiliar topic; research. That led to a fully stocked bar and several experiments. Not all of them were successful but the majority of them were.

The cocktail entries in this blog are drinks that I know have worked well in parties. They are not necessarily exotic or complex. I’ll start with the basic and familiar and go from there. Please feel free to share your own creations that worked well. I would love to hear your success and failure stories with these concoctions.

A word of caution about cocktails before I get started. Cocktails are still alcoholic drinks. Just a couple of them drank fast can knock you out. So sip, savor and enjoy them responsibly. Don’t drink and drive.

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